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Florio, Mike

Mike Florio

Mike Florio is the creator and Editor in Chief of Pro Football Talk, covering the latest news from across the NFL. Mike Florio’s PFT column and content is consumed across the globe and is widely considered to be the industry leader in NFL analysis.

Even if most teams aren’t seriously pursuing a trade for running back Jonathan Taylor, at the end of the day it only takes one.
Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh will miss the first three games of the 2023 season, due to a suspension imposed by the school.
In the final week of the 2023 preseason, new Broncos coach Sean Payton will coach his first home game for his new team, against the Rams.
On Wednesday, Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa had a chance to respond to recent criticism from ESPN’s Ryan Clark regarding Tua’s physique.
Vikings rookie receiver Jordan Addison has placed an off-field incident in the rear-view mirror.
When the Colts first gave running back Jonathan Taylor permission to seek a trade, the message seemed to be that the Colts wanted to give Taylor a chance to realize that no one else would give him the contract he wants.
Shannon Sharpe will need that coat and hat and scarf again.
With Trey Lance demoted to No. 3 on the depth chart in San Francisco, what happens next?
His options could be to be QB3 in SF, or to be QB3 in another city.
As the impasse between the Raiders and running back Josh Jacobs lingers, the Raiders seem to be trying to spark a belated trade market.
Panini is playing the legal card against the NFL Players Association.
Shanahan explains Lance’s surprise absence from practice.
Trey Lance wasn’t present at practice, and the players don’t know why.
With the NFL not outlawing the quarterback push play, teams other than the Eagles likely will be using it this year.
Wednesday’s news regarding the effort to trade Colts running back Jonathan Taylor carried an interesting wrinkle.
The Jets might have come up with a new way to have their cake and possibly trade it, too.
The decision to make Sam Darnold the No. 2 quarterback in San Francisco carries with it a major implication.
As expected in some circles — and as angrily disputed in others — Trey Lance has fallen to third string on the 49ers’ depth chart.
Salty Tua is officially the best Tua.
Will the Chiefs and Jones get a deal done before Week 1?
As the news circulates that Colts running back Jonathan Taylor is searching for a trade, another item of news has emerged regarding another unhappy running back.
When Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones vows to stay away until Week 8 of the regular season, it’s not some random date that he pulled out of the air.